Moving past a meltdown.

This morning I broke my finger trying staple together contracts for the team. Usually this would be painful and annoying no big thing really but this morning it seemed to push me over the edge.
I’m feeling the pressure of expectation that has been placed on this piece, by myself and others, to deliver something that’s going to be amazing. My self doubt is at an all time high which I know isn’t unusual for artists generally but it’s quite unusual for me.
Luckily for me I was in the studio with my Producer, Becky Bailey and amazing dance artist Welly O’Brien who allowed me to recognise I was trying to do a lot and set about eliminating unnecessary things I’d planned for that week.
The tears flowed freely for most of the day but after a trip to Neal’s Yard several doses of Rescue Remedy, applications of Anica ointment and some light strapping on my fingers, the world started to look much brighter.
On reflection, I figure it’s better to meltdown on Day 3 of a making process than Day 23 or 33.


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