Blank Space

We went to visit the gallery space that Falling in love with Frida is going to premiere in at Lakeside in Nottingham. I entered the space with my supportive production team, Emma Jones and Amy Steadman. I must say I was quite daunted to start with – a long, stark white space with skylights and quite low ceilings. And then then the questions started about the chairs. What sort of chairs did I want the audience to sit on? I had no idea!! And to be quite frank chairs were the last thing I was thinking about. What are we going to do with this! As we sat in the space, and whilst I had a little freak out, Emma began dream up amazing possibilities for the space. Her wise advice was to embrace what the space had to offer us rather than resisting it and that’s exactly what we all did. After getting the floor down, our set in and Emma’s mood lighting installed the place really felt like ours – it was gorgeous!! Perfect for a premiere and for the production shots and filming that took place. Thanks for your vision EJ – you have the patience of a saint!


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